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Track: Blue Eyes
Artist: Paul Baribeau
Album: Paul Baribeau
Plays: 5647


You act like you’re so tough, but I’ve seen into the heart of you. You’ve got a little laugh, I can’t forget the little things you do. There’s beauty in the way the sky fills with the colors of you. There’s miles in between, miles and miles between me and you.

Track: Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)
Artist: My Bloody Valentine
Album: Isn't Anything
Plays: 5801


Touch your head, then your hair
Softer, softer everywhere
Fingertips are burning
Can I touch you there?

Track: Blue Pt. II
Artist: Waxahatchee
Album: Cerulean Salt
Plays: 1389


If you think that I’ll stay forever you are right and,
I’ll give you everything you wanted when I can
And it may look like every hour is dictated
By the chance of rain
We won’t melt or die
We won’t even feel an ounce of pain