Track: For Tammy Rae
Artist: Bikini Kill
Album: Pussy Whipped
Plays: 1659


Bikini Kill // For Tammy Rae 

Past the billboards and the magazines
I dream about being with you
We can’t hear a word they say
Let’s pretend we own the world today 

I know it’s cold outside
But when we’re together I got nothing to hide
Hold on tight I will never let you down
It can’t rain on our side of town 

Wipe the sweat from my hair
Tell me we’re not better off
Wipe the tears from my face
The sunny side of the street where we are

Track: After Hours
Artist: The Velvet Underground
Album: The Velvet Underground
Plays: 5769


If you close the door, the night could last forever
Leave the wineglass out and drink a toast to never

Track: Incoherent Love Songs
Artist: P.S. Eliot
Album: Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds
Plays: 2511


Incoherent Love Songs - P.S. Eliot

baby, i’ll be your muse if you’ll always be mine

Track: I Love You Like the Way That I Used to Do
Artist: Rocketship
Album: A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness
Plays: 32


Rocketship - I Love You Like the Way That I Used to Do (1996)

What did you think I’d find?
I keep on trying to change your mind
Hug-hug-hug and you kiss-kiss-kiss me
tell me tell me tell me you miss-miss-miss me

What did you think I’d do?
The ch-ch-changes you put me through
The sun shines brighter every day I’m without you
But I love-love-love you the like way that I used to do

Track: Big Dipper
Artist: Built to Spill
Album: There's Nothing Wrong with Love
Plays: 357


Built To Spill -  Big Dipper 

Bottoms up and this time
Won’t you let me be?
Bottled up but this time
Won’t you rescue me?
Thought it out and this time
It’s all I can see
You should have been here last night and heard what the big dipper said to me

Track: Cynicism
Artist: Nana Grizol
Album: A Baker's Dozen : Volume 17
Plays: 4503

Cynicism Nana Grizol

I once saw a sunset so vivid and warm that I swore it was perfect
I once had a lover, I’m not sure if I’ll recover, but I know it was worth it